Cervical Cytology: Conventional and Liquid-Based


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Cervical screening is one of the best defences against cervical cancer. To enhance detection rates of nuclear abnormalities and to further reduce the incidence of cervical cancer, laboratories in England, Wales and Northern Ireland are converting to liquid-based cytology.

liquid-based cytology is rolled out nationally, all laboratory staff reporting cervical screening tests will need to undergo retraining. Cervical Cytology aims to support this retraining by developing practical skills and advancing understanding of the techniques.

This book describes and illustrates conventional and liquid-based cytology and emphasizes the differences between the two. Over 250 colour micrograph images and clear lists of key features are presented to aid learning, and make this book an ideal bench-top reference.

Cervical Cytology will be of value to biomedical scientists, cytoscreeners, cytopathologists, training officers, students and medics and all professionals involved in cervical screening, to update their knowledge and practical skills in this increasingly important subject.

This invaluable book aims to assist with this retraining emphasizing where necessary the differences between liquid based and cervical cytology, exploring both techniques.


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