Clinical Pediatric Neurosciences for Primary Care


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Termen de livrare 10 - 12 zile. - Manual in limba engleza.


This all-new clinical resource equips primary caregivers to take a lead role in the diagnosis, evaluation, and management of diverse pediatric neurologic and neurosurgical conditions. For practice-focused guidance with a coordinated dual perspective you won't find anywhere else.
The developers/editors are a pediatric neurologist and a pediatric neurosurgeon at the forefront of their fields. Key topics are considered from neurologic and neurosurgical viewpoints. Purpose-built for efficient clinical problem solving; clear, concise overviews of a broad range of common conditions; evidence-based discussion of each condition’s course, pathogenesis, and etiology; expert management recommendations; advice on when to treat vs when to refer; and the practical implications of recent research. Contents include neonatal disorders, encephalopathies, traumatic brain injury, cerebrovascular disorders, febrile seizures, epilepsy, headaches, brain tumors, spina bifida and neurogenic bladder dysfunction, movement disorders, neuromuscular disorders, and neurocutaneous disorders.


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