Prime time 2 students book with ieBook

Prime time 2 students book with ieBook
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Prime time 2 students book with ieBook
Does not require interne access during use requires internet access for activation only.
The ieBook is your personal electronic English study partener that helps you white the majority of your homework. It helps you withspelling, vocabulary, and reading exercises and it makes revision and self-evaluation fun. By using the ieBook, you can learn English in a fun and inviting way through the use of interactive games, videos and stories.
Minimum System requirements:
 - Windows XP / Vista / 7 Operating System
 - Pentrium 4 ; 2. 4Ghz CPU
 - 512 MB RAM
 - 128 MB RAM graphics card
 - QuickTime Player 6
 - DVD-ROM drive
 - 16-bit sound card
 - Mac OS X v10, 5
 - Power PC G4 @ 867 MHz CPU
 - 512 MB RAM
 - 128 MB RAM graphics card
 - DVD-ROM drive
 - 16-bit sound card

Prime Time is a series of five courses for young adults or adult learners of English at Elementary to Upper-Intermediate level. The series combines active English learning with a variety of lively topics presented in themed modules.
Key Features
-an integrated approach to the development of all four language skills
-stimulating, realistic dialogues featuring people in everyday situations
-vocabulary presentation and practice
-variety of reading and listening tasks
-clear presentation and practice of grammar structures
-activities encouraging critical thinking as well as web research
-Writing sections containing models and development of writing skills
-realistic pairwork and groupwork activities
-Pronunciation and Intonation sections
-Study tips to help students become autonomous learners
-Culture Corner & Cross-curricular Sections
-Language Review & Revision Sections at the end of each module
-Grammar Reference Section
-Interactive Whiteboard Software (IWB)
-Interactive eBooks


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